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Grant Hughes

Grant Hughes

Research Associate
Rasgon Lab

Office: W-245A

Research interests

I am interested in using insect symbionts to manipulate the vector competence of mosquitoes to control arthropod-borne disease. Specifically, I’m investigating the use of Wolbachia, a bacterial symbiont of insects, to control malaria. Wolbachia is an attractive agent for biocontrol of arthropod-borne disease as it can manipulate host reproduction to favour it’s own vertical transmission, thus spreading into host populations, and can also reduce pathogen development in the insect. 


My research focuses include:

Investigating Wolbachia-Anopheles interactions

Creating a stable Wolbachia infected Anopheles mosquito

Dissecting the molecular mechanism(s) behind Wolbachia-mediated pathogen interference of malaria parasites


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