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Isabella M Cattadori

Isabella M Cattadori

Associate Professor of Biology

Phone: 814-865-9594

Office: 128W Millennium Science Complex

Research interests

I am interested in the mechanisms of host-parasite interaction, how hosts modulate concurrent infections, how infecting agents adapt their traits to optimize fitness and long term persistence in the host population and how host heterogeneities affect these interactions. Some of the questions I address are:  How is the dynamics of an infecting agent altered by a second infecting species? How does immunity affect parasite/pathogen shedding? Do close related hosts exhibit similar susceptibility to infections?

I am also interested in understanding how environmental conditions affect risk of infection. Questions I ask are: How do climate changes affect dynamics of parasite free living stages? Do climate changes equally affect immune and less-immune regulated parasite species? How do habitat and host spatial structure influence the force of infection?


My current working topics are :

  • Immuno-epidemiology of host-parasite interactions
  • Concurrent infections
  • Host heterogeneities and consequences for parasite dynamics
  • Climate change and risk of infection

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