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Timothy Reluga

Timothy Reluga

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Biology

Phone: 814-865-3883

Office: 424 McAllister

Research interests

My research interests concern the description, understand, and prediction of the dynamics of biological systems. Over the coming century, human civilization will be profoundly effected by the interactions among ecosystems, human populations, and the environment. We must understand these interactions if we hope to manage and administer a stable and sustainable society. With the help of a robust theory of biological systems, we can successfully confront the challenges of medicine, public health maintenance,  sustainable resource usage, and environmental management. To this end, I use applied mathematics to create qualitative and quantitative descriptions of these complex biological processes. In general, my work is driven by personnel curiosity and the intellectual appeal of a problem. Population biology is my core research interest, but my work encompasses topics in

  • applied mathematics
  • evolutionary biology
  • immunology
  • epidemiology
  • economics
  • computer science

Much of my most recent research has focussed on incorporating social and behavioral factors into our theories of infectious disease dynamics and management.

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