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Eddie Holmes

Eddie Holmes

Professor of Biology
Eberly College of Science Distinguished Senior Scholar

Phone: 814-863-4689

Office: 230A Millennium Science Complex

Research interests

My research integrates ideas from a number of different fields, most notably evolutionary genetics, virology, infectious disease epidemiology, and bioinformatics. I am currently concentrating on three main areas, mainly using RNA virus study systems.

Virus Evolutionary genetics

I am investigating questions such as:

  • The evolutionary factors that underpin the process of cross-species virus transmission (i.e. viral emergence).
  • The roles played by mutation, natural selection, recombination, and gene flow in shaping patterns of genetic diversity on RNA viruses.
  • Collaborative experimental studies on the intra- and inter-host evolution of influenza and dengue viruses.

Virus Comparative genomics

My work in this area includes:

  • Understanding the factors that have generated the diversity of genome organizations observed in RNA viruses.
  • Revealing the origins of viruses and particularly how they relate to the evolution of mutation rates.

Virus Molecular epidemiology

Much of my research in this area fits within the emerging disciplines of phylodynamics and phylogeography.

  • Understanding the patterns and processes of evolutionary change in specific viruses including influenza, dengue and rabies.
  • Determining the major phylodynamic patterns exhibited by human viruses.
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