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Kim Pepin, PhD

Kim Pepin, PhD

Research Associate

Phone: 814-863-6774

Office: 206c Osmond

Research interests

Mechanisms of viral adaptation and disease emergence - especially due to host jumps, escape from host immunity and climate change.



  • Mathematical modeling in an SIR-type framework that links within-host viral evolution to the epidemiological scale.
  • Probabilistic statistical models for identifying climatic drivers of disease, prediction of disease incidence, evaluation of surveillance/control policies and identification of the genetic basis of virulence.


Ongoing Reserch

  • Time series forecasting and mechanistic modeling of avian influenza from live bird markets in China.
  • Effects of viral strain interactions on population immunity structure and vaccination protocols.
  • Importance of within-host infection parameters on prediction of emergence.
  • The role of health care facilities in immune escape evolution of noroviruses.
  • Identification of genetic markers of brain cancer virulence.


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