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Ottar Bjornstad

Ottar Bjornstad

Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology
J. Lloyd & Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair of Epidemiology

Phone: 814-863-2983

Office: W-249 MSC Building

Research interests

I am involved in many collaborative studies on the outbreak and persistence of infectious disease.
My work has five interrelated themes:

  • Ecology of infectious disease: how do host and pathogen characteristics affect incidence of disease?
  • Population dynamics: how do the interactions between individuals and between individuals and the environment determine fluctuations in abundance? What are the effects of heterogeneity in the environment?
  • Interactions between species: how do competition, predation and parasitism affect disease dynamics?
  • Spatial dynamics: what causes regional synchrony or asynchrony in fluctuations?
  • Ecological statistics: how can we test theories about spatiotemporal variation using abundance data?

I combine mathematical modelling with analysis of empirical data sets to generate and test hypotheses.

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