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Raina K. Plowright

Raina K.  Plowright

Research Associate
Hudson Lab

Phone: 406-579-5325

Research interests

See the Plowright lab website at Montana State University

My research integrates approaches from epidemiology, ecology, and veterinary medicine to elucidate infectious disease dynamics in wildlife.  I work on emerging infectious diseases that occur in wildlife but can spill over to domestic animals and humans, as well as infectious diseases that impact wildlife conservation.

My research focuses on:

Emerging infectious diseases of bat origin

  • Understanding the landscape-scale persistence and spread of Hendra virus in flying foxes (Pteropus spp. fruit bat)
  • Examining the impact of seasonal changes in host behavior, physiology, and demography on host-pathogen dynamics and on the risk of spill-over to novel hosts

Ecological drivers of disease emergence

  • Exploring the interaction between landscape change, host ecology, and disease emergence
  • Combining mathematical/simulation modeling with field-data collection and laboratory data to understand disease emergence

Conservation impacts of infectious disease

  • Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of pneumonia in bighorn sheep
  • Managing wildlife connectivity in the face of infectious diseases
  • Controlling infectious diseases in free-ranging wildlife populations

Climate change and infectious-disease dynamics

  • Anticipating and preventing infectious-disease impacts of wildlife corridors and assisted migration
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